Let's expand
our horizons


Our international ambitions are nothing short of impressive. And nothing short of huge, either. We have a clear strategy in place that’s going to see us become a truly international brand over the next few years. And it’ll have an impact on everyone here.

You see, we don’t just have one big team dedicated to all things international. It’s everyone. We pull in our experts and specialists as and when they’re needed. After all, we want everyone here to be part of it. To play their part and influence the direction we take.

But while we’re more excited than ever before – we’ve already a franchise store in Abu Dhabi and are on the verge of landing our brand in China too, so why wouldn’t we be? – we’re not getting carried away. We’re taking a calm, considered approach. We’re doing things one step at a time – never forgetting our stores in the UK. They’re our lifeblood and always will be.

It’s a time of enormous excitement. You can feel the moment you walk through the doors. And you could be part of it too.

Businesses like ours, focus upon delighting customers and depend upon the people we have, to turn innovative thinking and technology to our competitive advantage.

Julian Burnett
Chief Information Officer