Let's show the
world how it's done

Marketing & brand

At House of Fraser, there’s always a lot to talk about. And in Marketing & Brand, it’s our job to say it in the way only we can – from the glamorous world of red carpets, catwalks and designer launch shows. We don’t just open doors for customers, we throw them open, roll out the red carpet and make them feel like a million dollars – and it all starts with you.

With over 850 premium brands to work with, you’ll spend your days crafting big ideas and creating the magic that excites and inspires – right across our Customer Relationship Management; Advertising; Photography; Visual Merchandising and PR teams.

You’ll join up with a gobsmackingly talented team of creatives, bloggers, photographers, brand experts, and everything else in between – who we turn to for moments of magic and a creative portfolio we can share with the world – from point of sale materials in store, to small teaser ads and big scale campaigns.

Whichever team you join us in, wherever your creative talents lie, this is your chance to shine on the biggest stage of all – the sky’s the limit.

We’re building something very special. And this is driven by our customer. We have an obsessive focus on our customer and everything we do is driven by her

David Walmsley
Chief Customer Officer