This is retail.
Driven by technology

We live in a world driven by technology. Where every decision we make calls for a system, connection or technical expert. And from the products we sell to the way our customers buy them, at House of Fraser, our world’s driven by technology too. And we’re investing in it like never before.

In fact, we’re transforming our entire business from top to bottom – and we’re building the team to make it happen.

From architects and analysts to project managers and engineers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild our company from scratch. To define the way retail works. And to reinvent the way an entire industry uses technology

We are House of Fraser. And this is retail – driven by technology.

  • Architecture & Assurance
  • Business Controls
  • Business Transformation
  • Change Delivery
  • Service & Operations

Our job is to set the IT strategy for the rest of the business – and to make sure the solutions we propose are fit for purpose and delivered to the highest quality.

Made up of architects, analysts and assurance experts, we’re the thinkers, planners and innovators that make transformation possible. We develop strategies, set policies and assure that everything we do is done in the correct way.

What’s different at House of Fraser is that we’re changing everything – all at once. And we’re building our architecture and assurance framework entirely from scratch. Join us at the beginning of our journey and you won’t just identify solutions, you’ll see them through from start to finish – laying out roadmaps and enabling change to happen, fast – and on a scale you’ve never experienced before.

Join us in Business Controls and you’ll work in partnership with our IT Senior Leadership team to make sure the Business Technology function has an effective and continuously improving operating model in place.

Not only do we have a part to play in improving the way we do things, we’re also responsible for making sure we have best practice processes in place, that methods and control frameworks are fit for purpose, and that we’re geared up and ready to achieve our huge ambitions for the future.

We're changing our business from top to bottom. Not just the technology we use, but how we use it too. This is the team that makes sure change is delivered effectively and in a coordinated way.

In Business Transformation, it’s our job to organise the way we land change. To challenge internal stakeholders on the changes they set out to achieve – and to push them to make sure they’re doing the right things, in the right way, and achieving the right results.

But we don’t just get involved at the planning stage. We take accountability for quality of outcome too – the benefits of change. For you, it’s an opportunity to make an impact on multiple projects, from beginning to end, and beyond that too.

This is the team that makes things happen. The engineers who build our digital products, the delivery managers who drive them, and the project managers who make sure each project stays on track and is delivered to time, budget and a high degree of quality.

From idea to outcome, we coordinate projects so that everything works together, in the right order and sequence to enable the change we want to achieve.

Working on any number of projects at any one time, you could find yourself managing scope, budgets and contracts, and monitoring and managing risk too. This is an opportunity to work across internal teams and with delivery partners to drive change on an unprecedented scale.

With so much change happening all around us, we’re the ones responsible for keeping the lights on. We look after all of House of Fraser’s applications and our entire infrastructure too – making sure the servers, systems and networks we use are doing the jobs we need them to.

If something breaks, we fix it. If something’s new, we create a policy for it. And when something changes, we make sure the technology we use supports it.

It means that when you join our service-focused team, you’ll get to see all of the different systems and technologies we use across House of Fraser. And take it from us, there are plenty.

What we're working on

Here are some of the projects we're working on right now. Join us and you'll get to play your part in them - and have a big influence on them too.


Improving the customer experience

We’re in the midst of a total renewal of our POS System. Software. Hardware. What we want it to do. And the partners we work with to bring it to life. The idea is to use technology to enhance the shopping experience for customers and colleagues alike.

From the architects who are defining solutions, to the delivery managers who will make the whole project possible, we’re calling on every one of our technology experts to develop the shopping experience of the future. And there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to play your part.


Rebuilding our ecommerce platform

We’re in the process of replatforming and rebuilding our ecommerce website on Microsoft Azure – and we’re working with some of the very best tech firms around to help us bring it to life. (Think Mulesoft, SDL and Sterling Commerce.)

Once it goes live, we’ll have built the single biggest ecommerce platform on the planet. And there’s still plenty of opportunity for you to play your part.

  • Improving the customer experience

    The in-store shopping experience will always be paramount at House of Fraser. Which is why we’re developing a platform that will determine what it looks like for generations to come.

  • Rebuilding our ecommerce platform

    With a customer base that’s growing 20% year on year (and changing the way they shop every year too), we’ve set off on one of the most ambitious technology projects that’s ever been seen in retail.


How we work

We collaborate. We’re agile. And we aren’t afraid to challenge the status-quo.

At House of Fraser, not only will you work with some of the most talented people and superstar tech companies around – this is an opportunity to shape the way high-end technology is used.

It’s an opportunity to put your own ideas forward, to implement them, and to look at things in an entirely new way.

Reasons to join

Rewards and Benefits

  • Holidays
  • Discount & voluntary benefits
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Pension plan
  • Life assurance
  • Bonus
  • Interest free annual season ticket loans
  • Long service & retirement awards