We’re not ones to boast, but when you’ve got as many amazing people as we have, well, it’s kinda hard not to. From HR and Finance to Retail and Marketing, our people come in all shapes and sizes and each one brings something totally unique to us. We love that.

Our people are our world. So say hello, get to know them, and who knows, pretty soon, you could be up there too.

Venessa Parker – Learning & Development Trainer

“I joined House of Fraser as a Buyer in Womenswear, before moving into Learning & Development as a Trainer. I’ve learned so much in my time here – and have made friends for life. If you show passion and drive, House of Fraser will help you to go as far as you want to go.

“My big passion in life is music – especially soul music. When I’m not in work, I sing, write songs and record my own stuff – that’s what inspires me every day. In fact, on a night out with work, I once got up on stage with a saxophonist and sang along with him for two hours – House of Fraser really does help to bring out the best in people… in and out of work. I love it.”

Richie Miles – Resourcer

“I’ve only been at House of Fraser for few months, but already I’m inspired by all the hard work I see around me.

“My daughter, Jessica, is my world outside of work. In fact, she’s what drives me at work and drives me to succeed. I play a lot of football in my spare time too – I guess I just love teamwork, and winning, which definitely bodes well for me here.

“I’d previously worked in banking, but always wanted to move into retail and resourcing – House of Fraser gave me that opportunity. Whether you’ve got experience or not, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything here.”

Serena Stokes – Deputy Sales Manager

“I work in the Chichester branch, and it’s fair to say I love my job! I’ve been here since 2008 and have worked in loads of different departments – working my way up and taking full advantage of all the training and development opportunities on offer… which is 100% my favourite thing about House of Fraser… the fact you can develop and grow, at pace.

“Outside of work, I LOVE motorsport, in all forms. It’s the noise and the engines – I love it. And Disney too – especially DisneyLand Paris and all the magic that goes with it.”

Jamie Peach – Head of SEO

“I love working with smart people in a growing company that shares my own vision and values. But my favourite thing about House of Fraser is its fearless nature. And I love the prominence that’s given to SEO – the support we get to keep on top of our game and keep on growing as a team.

“I’ve worked for other retailers before, but here I get to work with lots of different people, including some of the UK’s top bloggers. House of Fraser really does keep up with what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to digital and tech. And so do I, so it’s a perfect fit.”

Jyothi Narayanan – Learning & Development Adviser

“I’ve been here for four years, having moved over from India. I’m also a professional dancer – specialising in Indian Classical – and have performed in the O2 as well as on C4. That’s my big passion in life.

“I feel proud to work here – people say “wow” when I tell them. I feel at home in that it’s like a family, everybody gets on with each other, you learn something new every day, and people know you by name – even the CEO, who is very approachable.

“If you show passion and are a self-starter, House of Fraser will support you to develop your skills and your career – like they have done with mine.”

Christabel Biella – Buyer – Brands & Concessions

“In my job, I get to travel to places like Scandinavia, Paris and Chicago… in Chicago, I recently met with an inventor from SodaStream, who has a new product. We were the very first people to try it out and buy it – that’s how ‘on the pulse’ we are with new products.

“I love my job – the creativity it allows, the fact that House of Fraser is always open to new ideas, and the fact they practise what they preach.”

“Outside of work, I love antiques and I’m a confessed foodie! In fact, I’ve even set up, with my husband, a cheese journal where I write about, discuss and rank British cheeses – that’s a big part of my life; it’s really fun and has taken me to some amazing places too!”

Sal Drew – Selling Support

This is totally different to anywhere I’ve worked before. I’ve worked in a pharmacy, aerospace, pubs, holiday camps, charity work, DJing… you name it, I’ve done it. And I can apply a lot of what I’ve done before to the things I do there to here – ultimately, it’s about caring for people, whatever their size and shape.

“When I started here, I just worked the weekends, but I was quickly offered a full-time job. My manager is amazing – anything I need – she’s there for me. I see my future here without question – I want to climb the ladder. It’s all about having the right attitude… being friendly, and making customers smile.”

“My biggest passion in life is my 8-year-old daughter and my husband. They’re my life. Oh, not forgetting my three cats – they’re part of the family too!”

Daniel Scott – Financial Analyst

“I already feel like part of the furniture at House of Fraser – in a good way! If I had to pinpoint the best thing about what I do, I guess I’d say it’s the freedom I get to bring a different approach to analysis.

“You see, I absolutely LOVE analysing things. For me it’s all about understanding the bigger picture. Digging deep and analysing all the information available, to bring the story of the information to life, for my internal customers.

“One minute I’ll be working with menswear analysing product sales, the next I’ll be focused on the big resourcing picture. This means I get to work with colleagues from across the business too.

“I’m experiencing this business from a different angle. To me its not just about profit and loss. Its about a greater depth of analytical knowledge and how this drives people and better informs their decision making in the future.”