Strut your stuff like
the world is watching


Our store staff work on the shop floor, side-by-side with our various Sales teams and Brand Managers to make sure our stores are up to scratch, and that our customers – whether in store or online – are getting the kind of shopping experience we’re want to be famed for.

It might be replenishing and merchandising the products on our shelves, supporting our Buy and Collect departments, or providing the crucial admin support needed for a smooth running operation. Whatever area of Store support you join us in, you can rest assured there’s a structured career path here for you.

Starting as a Sales Support Assistant, you can progress to Senior Sales Support Assistant, Team Leader, then to Manager. You could even specialise in HR, Recruitment, Training or Visual Merchandising. At House of Fraser, the world is your oyster!

Senior Sales Adviser

As one of our Senior Sales Advisers, you’ll roll out the red carpet and put on a real show for our customers – creating memorable experiences that keep them coming back for more. And, crucially, you’ll show others how it’s done too.

Looking after everything from the people in your team to the operational side of things, you’ll be a vital part of our store, answering questions and drawing on every ounce of your experience to deliver a VIP service that really is second to none.

Brand specialist

When we talk about living and breathing a brand, no one will do this better than you. Assigned to one of our brands, you’ll be our brand expert – our Brand Specialist. It’s the next step up from being a Sales Adviser and well on the path to becoming a Senior Manager. You’ll know your brand’s history. You’ll know its products. You’ll know what goes well with “this top” and what’s “in” this season. In fact, any question thrown our way about it, you’ll be the person we can turn to for an answer.

Sales adviser

Being a Sales Adviser with House of Fraser is about so much more than stocking up shelves and serving customers. Here it’s about helping them to find their way around the store, navigate the brands and styles and really put on a show for them.

You’ll be the first person people see when they walk through our doors – and it’ll be your job to invite them into a world where it’s safe to experiment and try new things. Of course, you’ll have sales targets to achieve, but if you can focus on being a friendly face and someone who really knows their stuff when it comes to fashion, well, the sales stuff comes pretty much hand-in-hand.

Whatever stage of your career you’re at, however far you want to go – whether you want to go on to be a Senior Sales Adviser or Brand Specialist, or even move into one of our Head Office jobs – we’ve the training and support to help you get to where you want to be. Fast.

Senior visual merchandiser

Our Senior Visual Merchandisers are the creative minds behind our store displays. From creating award winning window displays to styling our mannequins in the hottest new fashions, you’ll have the chance to implement your own ideas and influence the visual layout of your store. You’ll also be responsible for training up more junior members of the team, making sure they know their stuff and that they’re doing everything they can to bring your ideas life.

Visual merchandiser

As one of our Visual Merchandisers, we’ll push your creativity to its limits as you dress up your store for the world to see. You’ll create window displays, dress mannequins and make the whole store look a.m.a.z.i.n.g! You’ll have plenty of freedom to do things your way, but you’ll be just as happy to roll your sleeves up, move things around the store, clean up and talk fashion with customers too. Yes, you’ll be on your feet all day, but wow, is there a lot to look forward to!

If you love what you do then you don’t work, you enjoy it.

Maddie Melson
Head of Online Engagement